December Member Luncheon


Once again the St. Augustine Genealogical Society will end the year with a luncheon instead of a meeting. This year’s luncheon will be held at Beach’s Restaurant at Vilano Beach starting at 11:00am on Saturday, December 14th. The weather will determine whether we eat inside or outside, but either way it will be a delightful way to share the Christmas season with our members.

Watch our newsletters and Research Notes for more details.

October – Family History Faire

October is Family History Month. The St. Augustine Genealogical Society is celebrating with our annual Family History Faire.

Family History Faire placard

Members of the genealogical society will be showcasing their research, family heirlooms and artifacts. We will also demonstrate ways to grab your family’s attention with ideas and projects to help you conduct your own family ancestry campaign.

Please join us on Saturday, October 19, 2019 at the Southeast Branch Library from 1:00pm to 3:00pm see how fascinating family history can be. The Faire is open to the public at no charge.

September Member Meeting


Margaret Nicholson will be back with more DNA goodness for our September member meeting. Here’s a taste of what’s in store for us . . .

An aunt asked me to get involved with our family genealogy. Then she talked me into sending my DNA to I was surprised to find a close, but unknown, DNA match. To learn how this person was related to me, I had to become proficient in using a peculiar website and master the methodology behind shared matches (triangulation).

My presentation will take you through my journey to the discovery that the daddy who raised me was not my birth father. Along with my story, you will learn what can be done on’s website: building and sharing trees for free, reviewing DNA results after paying for a kit, and, finally, using advanced features available to “big money” subscribers.’s recently revised interface will also be discussed.

This presentation is structured to appeal to both novice and experienced users of genealogy/DNA online sites as well as those who have not submitted DNA.

Margaret M. Nicholson, PhD moved to St Augustine from Harrisburg, PA, sixteen years ago, prompted by the birth of her grandchild. Creating a family tree for Noah sparked Margaret’s interest in genealogy. She says, “He’s sixteen and ignores me if I utter the words, ‘first cousin once removed,’ but he will look at the ship manifest showing the arrival of his maternal great-grandfather from Italy.”

After retiring from university teaching, Margaret eagerly switched from academic writing to personal subjects. Close to completing a travel memoir, the unexpected results of her DNA test prompted a change of topics. She published My Surprise Family: Find Your Ancestry Story this past January. Described as a mystery, a memoir, and a manual, the book can be ordered from Amazon. Books will also be available at the meeting for purchase and signing.

Join us Saturday, September 21st, at the Southeast Branch Library for a bit of history and a little partying. Check-in begins at 12:30pm and the meeting is called to order at 1:00pm. Visitors are always welcome at no charge.

July – Birthday Party and More

birthday cake
Photo courtesy of Dark Dwarf via Flickr.

Join us on Saturday, July 20th, to celebrate our society’s birthday. We are delighted to have Charles Tingley joining us. Charles is the senior research librarian at the St. Augustine Historical Society. He will present Genealogical Assets of the St. Augustine Historical Society. Birthday cake and refreshments will be served after the meeting is adjourned.

Join us Saturday, July 20th, at the Southeast Branch Library for a bit of history and a little partying. Check-in begins at 12:30pm and the meeting is called to order at 1:00pm. Visitors are always welcome at no charge.